South: Ukrainian Armed Forces have completed 100 fire missions and killed 35 invaders

Ukrainian military personnel have completed 100 fire missions, killed 35 invaders and several infantry fighting vehicles on Ukraine’s southern defence frontiers.

Source: «Pivden» (South) Operational Command on Facebook

Quote: «The enemy tried to launch an airstrike on our positions with a Mi-24 helicopter. Thanks to a well-organised defence and the effective and proactive use of appropriate weapons [by Ukrainian forces — ed.], the enemy pilot evaded the strike and hastily retreated without using weapons.»

«Missile and artillery units in cooperation with aircraft have completed over 100 fire missions over the past 24 hours. According to preliminary estimates, 35 Ruscists [Russians] were killed and several infantry fighting vehicles have been destrited. The final enemy losses are being confirmed.»

Details:  14 civilians have been injured as a result of shelling of the Mykolaiv region over the past 24 hours. A woman has been killed.

Mykolaiv and Bashtanka Raions [districts] have suffered from the shelling the most.

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