Блогер назвал Путина бабой

Дмитрий Орешкин заявил в интервью журналистам, что для Владимира Путина возвращение Донбасса в Украину смерти подобно. По мнению российского политолога, в таком случае все скажут, что президент РФ — это трус и баба.йй

Орешкин объяснил, что если события будут разворачиваться именно по такому сценарию, то в первую очередь в своем лидере разочаруются милитаристски настроенные избиратели […]

GREECE has declared a state of emergency after a ‘weather bomb’ killed seven in a Brit holiday hotspot.

Seven people — including a toddler and one eight-year-old boy — were killed while 140 others were injured after gale-force winds, rain and freak hail storms struck the Halkidiki peninsula in northern Greece.

34 The freak storm devastated resorts Credit: AP:Associated Press

34 Stunning drone shots reveal the extent of the […]

Trump to hold news conference on 2020 Census, citizenship question

U.S. President Donald Trump will hold a news conference on Thursday to discuss his administration’s effort to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census, which had been blocked in the courts amid challenges from some U.S. states and civil rights groups.

Trump, in a tweet, said he […]

‘Skint’ Katie Price is building a gym, beauty studio and horse exercise arena in the grounds of her mucky mansion as she plots big showbiz comeback

SKINT Katie Price is planning extensive renovations to her mucky mansion as she plots a huge showbiz comeback, The Sun Online can reveal.

The cash-strapped star, 41, is building a gym, beauty studio and horse exercise arena in the grounds of her massive Sussex home.

10 […]

Interesting Facts About Riga That You May Not Have Known

For over 800 years now, the beautiful Riga has been living on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Being at the crossroads of trade routes, the city absorbed the culture and traditions of many nations and today, Riga, perhaps, is the international capital in the European Union.

Latvian, Russian, English, German – not the only […]

Yerevan is a City of Surprises

Houses made of multi-colored tuff, wide squares, a heavenly cascade and crazy sculptures are all about Yerevan. But the impression of the place usually consists not only of the main attractions, but of the general ensemble, diluted with interesting modern places. And in the capital of Armenia, both are well off! There are many temples, […]

Unexpected Places to Look in Tbilisi


In Tbilisi, as in many world’s ancient cities, there are famous and little-known places for tourists. So why not to write about them in the guides book? Let’s get acquainted with some of them: natural anomalies, atmospheric places, the best casinos in Tbilisi.

Straight road to the mountain

Even a little boy who does […]


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