Ukrainian war — 15/04/2022

The Russian army has already lost 20,000 troops since the beginning of the war.

Source: General Staff

Details: The total combat losses of the enemy from 24.02 to 15.04 were approximate:

Five civilians with injuries were taken to Kakhovka City Hospital (Kherson region), the city administration said.

Source: Kakhovka City Territorial  Administration

Details: On 15 April, Kakhovka Hospital reported two people were killed and three wounded (one of them in critical condition in intensive care, two in moderate condition). All of them have shrapnel wounds.

They were brought from the town of Tavriysk. According to doctors, people came out of their homes to watch when a rocket was shot down in the sky – that is the result.

The Russian Defence Ministry has said it plans to launch missile strikes «on targets» in Kyiv.

Source: Russian state news channel RIA Novosti

Details: According to the Security Service of Ukraine The Russian military fired on the village of Klimovo in the Bryansk region of Russia, and Moscow accused Ukraine of shelling.

After Russian troops provocation on its own territory, Russia warned that it would fire missiles at Kyiv. «The scale of missile strikes by the Russian Armed Forces on facilities in Kyiv will increase in response to any attacks or sabotage in Russia,» the Russian Defence Ministry said.

Why this is important: The Centre for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine explained that Russia’s special services have started implementing a plan to carry out terrorist attacks on its territory to fuel anti-Ukrainian hysteria among Russians.

We remind you: Ukrainian special services warned that till 18 April there is a danger of rocket attacks both in Kyiv and in other big cities. Therefore, citizens are advised to use shelter in case of air raid sirens sounding and not to take warnings lightly.

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