Unexpected Places to Look in Tbilisi


In Tbilisi, as in many world’s ancient cities, there are famous and little-known places for tourists. So why not to write about them in the guides book? Let’s get acquainted with some of them: natural anomalies, atmospheric places, the best casinos in Tbilisi.

Straight road to the mountain

Even a little boy who does not know physics will say that if he puts his toy car on a flat surface it will not move unless unless he will push it and obviously it is logical. But on the Mtatsminda mountain physics does not work. Cars with turned off engine go up the hill on a flat road. As if there is a magnet or a long-awaited refueling. Scientists explain this phenomenon by the curvature of magnetic fields. And skeptics trained by physics checked personally how smooth the road was, they spilled water to catch the slightest slope. Do you want to check? Take a taxi and ask the driver to turn off the car’s engine in this place. Maybe you will make some discovery.

Writers House

This is a very beautiful place where the creative atmosphere is in the air. It is small and not striking in its scale, as architectural monuments. There are often exhibitions where you can see Georgian artist’s works, various creative evenings and book presentations are held. On the House open veranda there is a mosaic on the floor, repeating exactly the same mosaic drawing which wason the Titanic decks. Probably to remind you the value of time. If you are planning a trip to Georgia, then visit a cafe with the symbolic name Litera during summer and with a glass of wine, join the participants in creative evenings which take place behind high stone walls.


If you like the international atmosphere of communication, then look at a place called Fabrika. On the hostel basis, which is located in the building of a former garment factory, the organizers managed to create a creative object from a commercial facility. Today Fabrika is almost a bohemian place. In a large hostel’s courtyard there are shops, a ceramic workshop, where master classes and a concert ground take place. It is always noisy and crowded. In the interiors that combine echoes of the Soviet past and modern trends, co-working, tradition’s love and freedom harmoniously coexist.

Bethlehem Ladder

This ladder is more than 150 years old. 144 steps will help you get from the Lower and Upper Bethlehem churches to the area of Sololaki. A walk up this ladder can take a long time, because it goes along the old Georgian houses. Even the most dilapidated of them catch the eye, because each of them has its own history. The reward for the ascent will be a wonderful panorama of old Tbilisi, the multi-colored roofs which look like mosaic from above. From here and the Bridge of Peace through Mtkvari, other attractions of the city can be seen in a different light.

Shangri La Tbilisi

Next to the Bridge of Peace, which has become a new symbol of the Georgian capital, there is a place that is appreciated by foreign guests — Shangri La. This is an exquisite complex where the VIP casino and the restaurant with author’s cuisine work. The establishment is managed by Storm International (Darren Keane is the CEO), a respectable international company with 25 years of experience.

It is necessary to reserve a table in the restaurant Shangri La, to try exquisite Georgian and European dishes. This place highlight is the panoramic windows, which offer a magnificent view on the Bridge of Peace. It is especially good at night when the original illumination is on.

Shangri La Casino is officially the best in Tbilisi, said Darren Keane, Storm International CEO. The establishment was twice awarded the Golden Brand Award and is also the most popular among foreign guests. So it is really interesting to visit this place during the holidays, especially to take a break from many excursions.



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